The Mayfair Supper Club

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There was a time when getting the most out of a Las Vegas vacation meant rushing from a great restaurant to a stunning show to a cool nightclub -- always looking at your watch to make sure you weren’t running too late. Things have changed, thanks in large part to The Mayfair Supper Club.

The Mayfair may not have invented the dinner-and-a-show format. But Bellagio’s over-the-top combination of throwback fine dining and personality-driven musical entertainment, presented in a sumptuous space at one of the best locations on The Strip, jump-started the dying genre.

Mayfair offers a fully integrated evening, where guests can get the entire Vegas experience (including the Bellagio Fountains) in one location. Start with cocktails in the lounge. Time your meal to coincide with the evening’s main entertainment (featuring dazzling costumes, theatrical drama, stage production elements and live music). And if you’re having fun on a weekend (which you will be), hang out late for Mayfair After Dark.

It’s a combination that prompted celebrity chef Carla Pellegrino, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours founder Donald Contursi, journalist Melinda Sheckells and social media superstar Emily Romero to recommend it in the “live music” category, with several others calling it a date-night favorite.

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