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While Sushisamba merges the flavors and the energy of Brazil and Peru alongside those of Japan, it’s the Japanese influences that landed it on our list. Sushi lovers as impressed by nigiri and sashimi that’s among the very best The Strip has to offer. And while sushi platters are presented with a visual flair that might make some traditionalists blush, the team never ignores the basics: premium cuts of fish, expertly cut and offered over pristine vinegared rice. Offerings from the robata grill are a bit more limited, but also exceptional. Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), taquitos, tiradito and a Brazilian seafood stew known as moqueca offer unique South American touches to the experience.

Everything is served in a sprawling, newly renovated dining room that’s primed for a party. And the recent expansion of the Tree Bar Lounge makes this a great place to stop for a drink or snack before heading into the nearby karaoke bar or darts parlor.

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