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Royce’ is based in Hokkaido, Japan, which is known for its cool climate and natural resources conducive to the production of fine chocolates. Their local outpost offers chocolates of numerous origins and pedigrees. Ghana bitter, Ghana sweet, Colombia milk and Venezuela bitter are among the varieties made into sweet, milk, mild cacao, white, bitter, extra bitter, black, matcha and rum-raisin bars, with or without nuts.

Royce’ also offers confections such as chocolate-covered potato chips, dried cranberries coated with yogurt-flavored milk chocolate, pistachio crunch drops, covered marshmallows, orange truffles, chocolates filled with mocha cream and cookie crunch or almond praline cream and cookie crunch, and those infused with chestnut, rum and brandy; gianduja hazelnut and almond pastes; strawberry and cherry and filled with a fruity sauce; Champagne; cream and brandy; green tea and filled with matcha sauce; and wafers stacked with strawberry, matcha, tiramisu cream or hazel cream.

Looking for something truly offbeat? Royce’ even offers baton-shaped coconut cookies infused with Parmesan and Gouda cheeses half-dipped in white chocolate.

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