Happy Ending Chocolate


Do a Google search for Happy Ending in Las Vegas and … well … you’ll find a lot of results that wouldn’t really find a spot in Neon Feast.

This Happy Ending, which does popups at farmers markets and parks around Southern Nevada, specializes in chocolates and ice-cream tacos, with next-day delivery available throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.

The taco – crisp wafers drizzled with one of numerous types of chocolate and stuffed with ice cream – are available singly or in a six-pack. Flavors include salted caramel, Orange Creamsicle, peanut butter fudge, cookie butter, milk and cookies, strawberry cheesecake, birthday cake, s’mores, churro or pumpkin pie.

Chocolate bar varieties include customer favorite Vegas Born, which is dark chocolate with bourbon-soaked cocoa nibs and edible gold leaf; dark chocolate topped with cabernet sauvignon-infused sea salt; milk chocolate with toasted coconut flakes and puffed rice; and Stimulus Bars, 65-percent dark chocolate with toasted quinoa and turmeric.

Candy Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

Candy Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

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