CUT By Wolfgang Puck

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It seems only natural that the man who put Las Vegas on the map as a serious culinary destination would eventually tackle the town’s most beloved culinary genre. That man, of course, is Wolfgang Puck, who gambled on bringing his famed Spago to our town at a time when other celebrity chefs couldn’t see further than the shrimp cocktails and buffets. And that genre is the steakhouse, which remains a top pick for the convention crowd and other big spenders.

Puck differentiates himself from the countless other beef purveyors on Las Vegas Boulevard with a thoroughly modern take on the genre. It’s almost as if his local executive chef Matt Hurley deconstructs the classic American steakhouse, and then reassembles the best elements in unique ways (with some Asian touches sprinkled in for fun). The result is a menu packed with exciting and original dishes like maple-glazed pork belly with cherry mostarda and pumpkin seeds, and beef carpaccio with truffle hollandaise and shaved truffles. Throw in top-notch beef -- from wet- or dry-aged USDA Prime, to the Chateau Eunae Private Reserve wagyu – and its no wonder the place resonates with a diverse group of our experts.

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