L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

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In a city where there are multiple examples of just about every type of restaurant, L’Atelier (which means “the workshop”) is in a class by itself. The cuisine and the service are every bit as serious and sophisticated as what you’ll find at its more formal sister restaurant next door. They’re offered, however, in a hip, modern environment that puts fun above pretense. The best seats in the house are at the bar, where you can watch the kitchen staff assemble each dish with painstaking attention to detail, as you enjoy a glass of wine and strike up a conversation with your server, or the stranger sitting next to you.

That informal atmosphere didn’t stop Vegas Revealed podcaster Dayna Roselli, social media superstar Emily Romero (@eatmelasvegas) and Lip Smacking Foodie Tours founder Donald Contursi from recommending this as a top spot for formal French cuisine -- and we’re not arguing. An even larger group of chefs and journalists named it as a top place to celebrate a special occasion. The latter includes Food and Loathing podcast host Al Mancini, who says, “If money were no object, this is the Las Vegas restaurant I’d visit most often.”

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