Ronald's Donuts

Ronald’s Donuts is particularly popular for its vegan doughnuts, which it has been known to ship all over the country. Those plant-based treats occupy the top two rows of the glass display case in this few-frills brick-and-mortar shop, located in a Chinatown strip mall.

These plump, chewy doughnuts are the old-fashioned kind and come in nearly endless variety. Options include the basic “old-fashioned,” as well as apple fritters, cinnamon twists, glazed twists, jelly-filled, chocolate-frosted, maple-frosted, sprinkled, bear claws … and on, and on, and on. You can even get a maple bar with vegan bacon, or a custom cake-sized doughnut by special order. And Ronald’s vegan offerings also extend beyond the customary doughnut choices. They also have vegan bagels with “ham” and cheese, “bacon” and cheese or all three.

There are muffins, turnovers and apple burritos, too, and vegan ice cream made with almond milk in six flavors, (including ube and mango). Note that Ronald’s opens at 4 a.m. on most days, and tends to sell out of popular varieties by late morning.

Baked Goods West of Strip and Vicinity Quick Bite

Baked Goods West of Strip and Vicinity Quick Bite

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