Mochidon Japanese Mochi Donuts


Here’s something you won’t find in every doughnut place in town: Michodon specializes in Japanese mochi doughnuts, hand-crafted and chef-inspired with just the right balance of light and chewy.

You can choose your own half-dozen or dozen, or go with the chef’s variety and rely on Mochidon to come up with the assortment of flavors. The latter may include strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream, chocolate pebbles or strawberry sprinkles, or one of the seasonal flavors themed to holidays. You can have them delivered or pick them up at the store on St. Louis Avenue, near the Strip, or at a number of coffee shops across the valley.

The thought of mochi also brings to mind mochi ice cream. Well Mochidon is prepared on that front, too -- with chocolate, matcha, vanilla or the ever-popular strawberry, and dessert cookies such as chocolate chip, strawberry shortcake or red velvet, or a strawberry shortcake parfait layered with custard. Finish with a boba milk tea or iced coffee.

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