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Superfrico loves to get weird, mixing Italian cuisine with imaginative surroundings and interactive presentations. There's lots of oddball artwork, and trippy color patterns. Even choosing your own fork is a fun moment all by itself.

Fortunately, the food delivers, from single-serving square-shaped pizzas (with cheese dripping down the edges for an extra-crispy crunch) to fresh mozzarella pulled tableside. The menu also includes indulgent takes on steaks, pasta, seafood and Italian classics like Chicken Parmesan. The cocktails are on the experimental side (and if that's the primary reason for your visit, spend some time in the Ski Lodge, an in-house speakeasy).

The restaurant is a companion piece to OPM (formerly Opium), a neighboring stage production by Spiegelworld (the team behind the acclaimed Absinthe), which can best be described as a raunchy variety show from outer space. Guests at Superfrico often see OPM performers roaming the dining room – and a little bit more if seated in the bar area behind the show's revolving stage.
RESTAURANT WEEK MENU June 5 – June 16, 2023
Four-Course Dinner
$80 (includes $6 donation to Three Square Food Bank)

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