Shang Artisan Noodle


Chef and KNPR’s “Exit Spring Mountain” host Lorraine Blanco Moss says Shang Artisan Noodle is more than a restaurant.

“It’s a tasty show,” Blanco Moss explains. “You get to watch these artisans pull noodles before you slurp up these amazing noods.”

Food blogger Philip Tzeng is one of her numerous fellow Neon Feast contributors who agrees. He calls Shang “hand-pulled noodle deliciousness.”

The restaurant’s owners said they focus on “the traditions specific to Shan-Xi, a landlocked northern province where wheat cultivation thrives.” They reinterpret noodle tradition with a variety of soups, sauced noodles such as chicken and mushroom, cold chicken-sesame and tomato and scrambled egg, and various chow mein dishes. Shang also offers rich dishes such as fried rice with minced pork, preserved bean sprouts, egg and vegetables, and side dishes such as beef and onion or pork and cabbage potstickers, spicy wontons and beef pancakes.

Contributors also recommended Shang in the cheap eats category, with most dishes averaging around $12.

Chinese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

Chinese West of Strip and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

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