Dim Sum Cafe


While casual dim sum restaurants are commonplace in Chinatown – and growing in popularity on The Strip – it's a bit surprising to see one so authentic and genuine in a residential west valley neighborhood within striking distance of Summerlin. Sure, you won't see traditional push carts in action here. But the restaurant has plenty of dim sum classics for a casual audience.

The menu is covered with photos of each item. That makes it easy to order, although you may need to quiz your server for descriptions. (Fair warning: dim sum spots are notorious for impersonal service.) Dumplings are a staple, and you can't go wrong with har gau (steamed shrimp dumplings), siu mai (open-faced dumplings) or chiu chow dumplings (with a thin, corn exterior) . The BBQ pork buns and flakey coconut rolls add a touch of sweetness to any meal. And more adventurous diners can nibble on an order of steamed chicken feet.

There are no reservations, and waits for tables can be long (especially on weekends). But Dim Sum Cafe also offers carryout and delivery to make things a little more convenient.

Chinese Summerlin and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

Chinese Summerlin and Vicinity Inexpensive Eats

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