Lotus of Siam (Multiple Locations)

E. Flamingo Location

Lotus of Siam was thrust into the international spotlight a couple of decades ago when a prominent food writer said it was perhaps the best Thai restaurant in the country. That reputation has endured, with those surveyed for Neon Feast recommending it far more than any other Thai restaurant.

“Literally and figuratively an institution,” said Bryan Bass, former vice president of marketing at Carver Road Hospitality.

What makes Lotus stand out? That starts with the fact that it’s a family-owned and -operated spot. Thai native chef/owner Saipin Chutima is in the kitchen. And the place is managed by her husband, Bill, and daughters Penny and Sabrina.

Moreover, this menu is a refreshing departure from cliches. Skip the Pad Thai and indulge in one of the house specialties like Khao Soi (crispy duck and noodles in curry sauce) or garlic prawns (with shells the restaurant compares to potato chips). Or maybe try the grilled fish dish known as Salmon Love, or Chilean sea bass served one of seven ways.

Chutima’s Issan (northern) Thai food tends to be a little spicier than the norm. But the carefully curated wine list has numerous suitable accompaniments.
June 5 – June 16, 2023

Three-Course Dinner
Multiple Choices Per Course (Supplemental Charges May Apply)
$50 (includes $4 donation to Three Square Food Bank)

Thai Vegan Friendly Beer Wine East of Strip & Paradise Ingredients

Thai Vegan Friendly Beer Wine East of Strip & Paradise Ingredients

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