Penn’s Thai House


No less an authority than prominent multinational restaurateur Elizabeth Blau recommended Penn’s Thai House as a favorite spot for Thai cuisine. (She likes the crab curry and sticky rice with mango.) And one local publication once proclaimed it a “hidden gem.” The “hidden” is defined by its location in a strip mall in a quasi-industrial area of Henderson. The “gem” derives from chef/owner Penn Amarapayark’s dedication to satisfied customers.

Chef Penn undertakes some dishes that other local Thai restaurants apparently view as too complex, such as boneless chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, bean threads and mushrooms and served with a sweet chili garlic sauce. Another less-common starter is taud mon: deep-fried patties of fish, green beans and Thai spices served with cucumber dipping sauce. And the list of mostly familiar mixed salads includes one in which grilled squid is tossed with lemongrass, cilantro and onions, with a spicy dressing. House specialties include crispy chicken sauteed with garlic sauce, stir-fried jumbo crab meat with yellow curry paste, chili oil, onions and celery, and catfish with house-made green curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, chili and basil.

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