Bar Code Burgers


When the creator of one of Las Vegas’ top home-grown burger joints names someone else’s restaurant on his personal list of top burger spots, you know it has to be good. That’s exactly what happened with Bar Code Burger, which was named on the surveys of multiple restaurant owners, including Fukuburger’s Colin Fukunaga.

The brainchild of a nightlife veteran, Bar Code is a sports bar with gaming that’s located on the east side of the valley, in a neighborhood not known for its culinary scene. So the games on TV and the video poker at the bar tend to be the main attractions. They are immediately eclipsed, however, by a menu packed with some of the best burgers in town. We’re talking big, sloppy combos featuring patties piled high with outrageous collections of toppings. In lesser hands, such decadence might be considered overkill. But these guys to them up right. The chicken sandwiches, as well as the tots, wings and fries, are nearly as mind-blowing.

Burger East of Strip & Paradise Gaming Late Night

Burger East of Strip & Paradise Gaming Late Night

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