Amalfi by Bobby Flay

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Many were shocked when Bobby Flay announced he was closing his perennial Caesars Palace favorite, Mesa Grill, and replacing it with his first Italian restaurant. At the time, Flay explained that the COVID pandemic had inspired him to concentrate on things he was passionate about, like Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It’s a decision that’s resonated with a diverse group of local foodies, from craft beer guru Bob Barnes to celebrity journalist Sean McAllister, who sings the praises of the “fresh, light seafood prepared with a flair that only Flay can deliver.”

Amalfi is centered around a “market” of fresh seafood, where diners may pick out a fish they would like prepared in one of the a handful of straightforward styles. As you might expect, the spicy Calabrian chilies on the menu are handled with Flay’s signature expertise at emphasizing flavor over heat. What may surprise people is the celebrity chef’s mastery of pasta. (Perhaps he got some tips from his friend Giada.) This may be Bobby Flay’s first Italian restaurant, but he makes it seems like he’s been doing this for decades.
June 5 – June 16, 2023

Four-Course Dinner
Multiple Choices Per Course (supplemental charges may apply)
$80 (includes $5 donation to Three Square Food Bank)

Italian Strip Central 2023 Restaurant Week Participant Celebrity Chef

Italian Strip Central 2023 Restaurant Week Participant Celebrity Chef

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