Gordon Ramsay Steak

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“If you want to experience Gordon Ramsay the celebrity, you go to Hell’s Kitchen,” says Al Mancini, host of the Food and Loathing podcast. “If you want to experience Gordon Ramsay the chef, the guy with all those Michelin stars to his name, you go to Gordon Ramsay Steak.”

Of Ramsay’s five Las Vegas establishments (word is he wants more), this is certainly the most serious -- and the most likely to resonate with fans more interested in cuisine than personality. While the steakhouse format may not be as refined as some of the chef’s U.K. ventures, this is a legit fine-dining experience delivered by a top-notch team.

That’s not to say fans of Ramsay the TV star won’t have reasons to be wowed. You can pick up a souvenir at the hostess stand. The menu offers signature dishes like the famed Wellington, and the best of many local incarnations of his sticky toffee pudding. (The latter comes with a stick or brown butter ice cream.) And of course, there’s Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns winner Trenton Garvey in the kitchen -- and perhaps venture into the dining room to touch some tables.

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