Oyster Bar (Santa Fe)

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Few chefs can compete with the taste of fond memories. How else can you explain the cult-like devotion and national media attention the Palace Station Oyster Bar receives, while its sister restaurant in the suburbs is largely ignored by foodies and the press? The concepts are the same. The menus are practically identical, and Station Casinos’ corporate chefs tend to be consistently good throughout the company.

So yes, we get it. The Palace Station outpost has been around much longer, is closer to The Strip, and is open late. You’ve probably had a few more wild times there than you’ve had in the suburban locals’ casino. It’s fun to reminisce. We’d never begrudge you those memories. But if you’re simply looking for a place to get oysters, or a pan roast, or perhaps some jambalaya, Santa Fe’s version is larger and more comfortable, and it’s a lot easier to come in with a large party. And yes, the food is just as good -- once you adjust for the nostalgia factor.

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