Saffron Flavors of India

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Celebrity chef Rick Moonen says that when he moved into the Northwest valley “years and years ago,” he was excited to find this “surprisingly good” Indian restaurant in a neighborhood not known for its culinary scene.

He’s just one of many famous Las Vegans who are fans of the restaurant, and friends of owner Raj Patel. During a pandemic livestream with his fans, Strip headliner Frankie Moreno called Saffron “my favorite Indian restaurant” and the “first local restaurant I want to hit up” after the shutdown. And he’s not the only musician in Patel’s fan club.

“I became friends with all the guys from Imagine Dragons through Raj, and hanging out there,” says Moonen. “We all like spicy foods. And we all became family.”

The menu hits all the staples: samosas, curries, vindaloo, tikka masala, biryani, all the usual breads and several options from the tandoor. There’s also a touch of Indo-Chinese fusion thrown is for fun.

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