Curry Leaf Flavors of India

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“One of our favorite takeout options,” says Neon Feast contributor Gary F. LaMorte, founder of Honest Hospitality.

Quality’s the main reason, he said, with the “biggest flavors in Southwest for the price. You will see the expected but also regional specialties and coastal fish dishes. Plenty of options plus a multitude of vegan and vegetarian items. Some of the new menu items feature Indo-Chinese flavors and ingredients, very interesting!”

Plus, he said, the “operation is clean and the service team very friendly.”

The family-owned Curry Leaf is headed by a chef (and engineer!) who hails from the Indian state of Gujarat. The menu is extensive and includes such offbeat dishes as tandoor red bell pepper tomato soup, with chef specials such as pan-seared sea bass with coconut-ginger-curry leaf sauce, tandoori salmon and a slow-cooked lamb shank with yogurt and golden onions.

The Indo-Chinese fusion dishes La Morte mentioned include Gobi Manchurian, which is crisply fried battered cauliflower florets tossed with soy-onion-garlic sauce, and pineapple chicken.

Vegetable dishes include Baingan Bharta, which is tandoor-smoked eggplant mash, and mushroom or green bean poriyal, in which the main ingredient is stir-fried with mustard, red onion and coconut. And three vegetable dals are on the menu.

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