La Strega

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“Chef Gina Marinelli’s seafood and pasta dishes are divine from start to finish,” Nevada Public Radio’s Lorraine Moss raves of La Stega’s cuisine and its creator. She’s among a dozen local foodies who listed it as one of their favorite Italian restaurants.

Marinelli gained her local fame on The Strip running celebrity chef Scott Conant’s D.O.C.G. in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. After leaving that position, she spent some time traveling Italy’s Amalfi Coast. And it’s those coastal travels that inspire this restaurant.

“The time I spent in Italy, I brought those flavors, those memories, those dishes back,” she explained to writer Al Mancini on the Food and Loathing podcast. “But I do a little twist on them.”

That means you won’t find chicken parm on this menu -- or most other Italian-American red sauce classics. Instead, this menu offers lots of seafood, light pastas, delicious pizzas and a few steaks, chops and game meats.

Fun Fact: The restaurant’s name is Italian for “The Witch,” and Marinelli has intentionally infused it with as much feminine energy as possible -- from the décor to an all-female leadership team.

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