Rebellion Pizza


This artisanal pizza restaurant in the Anthem Village center is owned and operated by longtime pizza business veterans Ricky Lewis and Ryan Perras, who spent several years at Pizza Rock and definitely know how to make a great pie.

A unique mural by local artist Delano Yepes depicts a space theme with an astronaut in a yoga pose, a flying saucer and floating pizza slices. The focal point of the 1,650-square-foot space is a large pizza oven firing up to 800°, churning out styles of American hand-tossed (similar to NY style) and Sicilian (focaccia thick crust).

“The magic at this neighborhood spot is the mastery of making delicious dough (aged for three days) and great customer service, always offering a very pleasant environment from the moment you walk in the door,” says Las Vegas-based food and beverage writer Bob Barnes. “An added bonus is the beer list, which consists of 100% beers from local breweries.”

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