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Neon Feast founder Al Mancini has watched the growth of this pair of businesses.

“After selling gourmet products to Las Vegas’ top restaurants for years through their wholesale company MGP Food (MGP for Michael’s Gourmet Pantry), owners Michael and Cathy Stamm finally decided to let the public in on the fun with Cured & Whey,” he said. “And there’s no better place to shop for cheese, charcuterie or specialty items on the west side. But the real treat is the lunch menu, which is packed with amazing sandwiches like a mind-blowing Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese, porchetta with house-made chimichurri or my hands-down favorite, the Duck Reuben. Enjoy them at one of the communal tables, where there’s a good chance the person sitting next to you is a chef at one of the valley’s top restaurants.”

C&W promises “a cheese and charcuterie board for everyone” and fulfills it by offering boards that will serve fewer than five people to more than 25, plus grazing boxes, truffle boards and cheese- and charcuterie-stuffed bamboo cones

Feel like you don’t know much about cheese? Round up your friends and take a private cheese class for groups of 12 or more.

Sandwiches West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients

Chef Recommends

Duck Reuben (Fan Favorite), Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese, Cuban, Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Sandwiches West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients

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