International Marketplace

Southern Nevada has a multitude of ethnic markets, but they’re primarily limited to a handful of cultures, and that’s a gap that’s aptly filled by the International Marketplace.

A first glance will tell you the market is heavily Asian in nature, but delve just a little deeper and you’ll find there are very few cultures that aren’t represented by their foods -- fresh, frozen, canned or packaged -- or, to a lesser extent, cookware.

If you’re looking for a chocolate-orange cake mix with edible glitter from Germany, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from Japan, sesame snacks from Greece, dark chocolate-peppermint candy from England, Speculaas cookies from The Netherlands, nuts in honey syrup from Turkey, sour cherry preserves from Armenia, raspberry-poitin (liquor) preserves from Ireland, grape-flavored dessert cubes from Indonesia, cassis (currant) candy from Slovakia or roasted ground coffee from Italy, this is your place.

It’s also a great resource for fresh and frozen seafood and meats and all of that produce you can’t find in local supermarkets. And more varieties of Pocky sticks in one place than you’re likely to find anywhere outside Japan.

West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients People Watching

West of Strip and Vicinity Ingredients People Watching

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