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Americans love to talk about eating more healthfully. But when reality hits, so do the fats and sugars. SkinnyFats has found a way to balance our good intentions and grim realities with a menu devoted to both “happy” and “healthy.” And all of the menu categories – even the salads and the tacos – have dishes representing both sides of the equation.

An example: A “healthy” salad is the Bleu Balsamic, shaved steak with spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese and balsamic for a mere 460 calories, while the “happy” side lists Hot Chix, a romaine salad with Buffalo chicken, fried jalapenos, blue cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeno, ranch – and no calorie count.

Wanna go Between the Buns? The Cranburky is a 470-calorie turkey burger with arugula, tomato and onion on a wheat bun. On the flip side, the Meltdown is two beef patties with cheddar, provolone, caramelized onions, tomato and spicy aioli on sourdough.

And then three’s yellow Thai coconut curry, which stars in both the 510-calorie Spud McCurry, a slow-roasted sweet potato with golden raisins and mint creme fraiche, and the Curry Be Happy, with braised short rib, golden raisins, jasmine rice and mint creme fraiche.

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American Sandwiches Southwest Valley Health Food

American Sandwiches Southwest Valley Health Food

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