Bar Zazu

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Bar Zazu is a companion piece to Brezza, Resorts Worlds' stellar Italian restaurant. Both concepts feature food by Nicole Brisson -- one of the best chefs Las Vegas has to offer. But they offer distinctly different dining experiences. Bar Zazu is more casual, secluded and intimate, with tables surrounded by digital artwork that subtly changes appearance while you eat. Technically, it's a lounge. But the food menu is deep and diverse, focusing on smaller bites designed for parties large or small to share family style.

Much of the menu has a Spanish influence, including patatas bravas, paella, and variations of pan con tomate. You can't go wrong with one of Brisson's steaks or a decadent burger made with ground brisket. The food is designed to pair well with a thoughtfully chosen collection of European wine on display near the check-in stand. However, the cocktails are just as good, featuring inventive modifications on classic favorites. The Heathers is like maple and clove Manhattan while the Seed of Sakura is similar to a gin-and-tonic with grapefruit and Campari.

A few "cafe" items are available to go, including sandwiches and pizzas. It's a nice option for Resorts World guests who just want something quick to take back to their room.

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Burger Pizza Spanish Tapas Wine Strip Central

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