Food blogger Philip Tzeng is a big fan of the plain and almond croissants at Rosallie. But those aren’t the only amazing fine pastries offered at this French café. They also have chocolate croissants, almond raspberry croissants, almond Nutella croissants, pain au raisin, almond meringues, strawberry tarts, lemon tarts, raspberry chocolate ganache tarts, sugar brioche, cheese Danish, guava Danish, palmiers, chocolate eclairs, cream puffs and cannoli.

And pastries aren’t the only things available here. Rosallie is a cafe, after all, with a full menu.

Starters include the French Bistro Salad (with breaded warm goat cheese, strawberries, red onions and honey) and the Lyonnaise Salad (with poached egg, honey-cured bacon and tomatoes). French croissant flatbreads include L’Americaine (honey-cured bacon, poached egg, mozzarella and tomato sauce) and L’Espagnole (house-made chipotle sauce, pulled roasted chicken, mozzarella, onions and tomato sauce). Quiches include the classic Lorraine; the Quiche Chevre, which also contains sauteed spinach and Roma tomatoes; and salmon, which also contains sauteed onions and chives. And the Petit Dejeuner Francois is a feast -- with plain or chocolate croissant, toasted French bread and two house-made jams with fresh orange or apple juice and another beverage.

Brunch is available all day.

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