Charlie's Bar + Grill

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In preparation for March Madness 2022, we asked sports handicapper and sports gambling author Nolan Dalla to curate a list of his favorite places to eat when he has action on a game (or multiple games) and doesn’t want to stray too far from the betting window. Being a creative guy, Nolan turned that into an article on the “best,” the “mixed” and the “worst” dining options available in or adjacent to a Las Vegas sports book (which you can read at and gave us permission to excerpt his picks for best. Those included Charlie’s.

“Mostly burgers, bar food, and a choice of 16 tap beers,” Dalla says of the offerings. “Not the best sports/food venue on The Strip by any stretch, but still gets a passing grade. There's also a high-dollar VIP area that's roped off where you can order food, but it's probably wiser just to hang out inside Charlie's.”

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