Sambalatte (Multiple Locations)

Boca Park Location

Las Vegas has its share of trendy coffeehouses, but few take the sourcing of their beans as seriously as Sambalatte. Most are from Brazil (the owner's home country) with a focus on small, single-origin, sustainable farms. Others arrive from farms in prime coffee-growing regions of Kenya, Mexico and Columbia.

The beans are so good, they can be easily enjoyed on their own: fresh-brewed with the flavor subtly changing as it cools off at your table. If you prefer an almond milk latte with frothy artwork on top, that's fine too. Sambalatte also offers a fine selection of pastries and snacks.

Among the substantial breakfast items are omelets, quiches (Lorraine, salmon and broccoli or spinach and mushroom) and a croissant egg sandwich with cheddar cheese. Salad selections are the classic Nicoise, Caesar, Cobb and caprese, which can be customized with add-ons such as smoked salmon or reblochon. Hot and cold sandwiches, galettes and crepes round out the menu. And the cookies, pastries and breads are unending – and unmatched.

The two main locations are in Boca Park and in near Jones and the 215, with quick-service counters at the Smith Center and Molasky Corporate Center.

NOTE – For additional locations, search “Sambalatte”

Baked Goods Breakfast Sandwiches Coffee Summerlin and Vicinity

Baked Goods Breakfast Sandwiches Coffee Summerlin and Vicinity

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