Biscuits & Bourbon


"While they do sell barbecue, I come here for the two things in the name, offered in a way that’s thoroughly unique in Las Vegas,” says Neon Feast founder Al Mancini.

“While I’m not usually a fan of Southern biscuits (served here in bundles of three, six or nine), they always manage to pique my interest with their rotating selection of jams, butters and spreads,” Mancini says. “And the selection of American whiskey is impressive in both its depth and its pricing. I can usually find something I’ve never tried, that I can sample without breaking the bank. It’s a combination that makes this a necessary stop on any Water Street stroll."

Former Review-Journal restaurant critic Heidi Knapp Rinella likes Biscuits & Bourbon for three words: Candied Pork Belly. No hyperbole here; the juicy, tender meat is blanketed with a glaze that lives up to the name without being overly sweet.

There’s definitely a pronounced Southern accent here (the fried green tomatoes are exceptional), but B&B also likes to play with food, as in the Goldfish-cracker crust on the mac and cheese, street corn in two sizes and sweet finishes in the berry cobbler and WeCan Pecan Pie.

Baked Goods BBQ Breakfast Whiskey Henderson

Baked Goods BBQ Breakfast Whiskey Henderson

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