Larry's Great Western Meats

Larry’s has been serving Las Vegans fresh meat for decades, and its central location near the Springs Preserve makes it a must-stop for many.

The recent installation of 45 feet of brightly lighted glass-enclosed display coolers replacing the old chest-style cases makes it easier to spot just the cut of meat or seafood you’re seeking, whether it be a classic beef choice such as prime tomahawk steaks, New York strip steaks, boneless or bone-in Angus rib roasts or short ribs. Or choose a non-beefy option such as pork, veal, lamb, rabbit, duck, quail, wild boar, elk, turkey, party wings, housemade sausages such as turkey and cranberry, or beef burgers made from ribeye or a mix of brisket and chuck.

Larry’s also prides itself on its low prices, and its butchers and sales associates can provide advice on prepping and cooking any cut of meat or type of seafood. Plus, they have seasonings to complement any of it.

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