Big B's Texas BBQ

Henderson Location

BBQ isn't something aficionados take lightly. So when Texas native Brian Buechner opened Big B's in Henderson, to recreate his backyard grilling on a grander scale, it was impressive to see the outpouring of praise and affection for the brisket, pulled pork and other Southern-style meats, seasoned with a house rub and smoked slow and low over mesquite and oak. It proved so popular that Big B's now has a second location in the southwest valley. And both offer the same cowboy spirit and wood decor with the menu rounded out by mac n' cheese, creamed corn and other flavorful sides.

Big B's is "a whole lot of Texas picked up and dropped into Henderson," according to Bryan Bass of Carver Road Hospitality. "Really love the smoked turkey with an icy-cold Lone Star on the side."

Food blogger Philip Tzeng adds that the "brisket burger was the best one I've had recently."

Even if you order in advance, everything is packaged upon pickup. It adds a little extra time, but it's one of those extra, worthwhile touches by a team that cares about what they're doing.

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