Dream Kabob Restaurant

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Unlike most Las Vegas-areas restaurants that fly under the Mediterranean flag, Dream Kabob makes the point that it serves Persian food – “the finest … you can possibly come across in Sin City.” That’s a big claim, but the family-owned restaurant serves family-favorite foods, prepared by a chef with 25 years of experience.

The starters on the menu include common choices such as hummus, Greek salad and tabbouleh. But they also have the Persian dishes kashk o bademjan (eggplant blended with yogurt and topped with caramelized onions) and mast o moosir (yogurt mixed with shallots and house seasoning).

Entrees include some familiar Persian dishes. One is fesenjan, which is chicken cooked with pomegranate molasses and walnuts. Another is tahdig, which is a layer of crunchy rice, topped with either gheymeh stew (beef in a saffron tomato-based sauce with yellow split peas), ghormeh sabzi stew (beef cooked with herbs and kidney beans) or half of each.

And yes, they have kabobs. You can get beef or chicken koobideh, the ground meats seasoned and charbroiled. Or try one of the shish kabobs: beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, Cornish hen or combinations. For vegetarians, Dream Kabob offers falafel or one of several vegetable-based stews.

Mediterranean Middle Eastern Northwest Valley

Mediterranean Middle Eastern Northwest Valley

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