Foodie Fit (Multiple Locations)

Summerlin Location

Foodie Fit is a meal-prep service with a decidedly healthy bent – “making healthy easy,” as the owners like to say. You choose the date and time you’d like it to be ready at either the east- or west-valley location or ask to have it delivered, and then browse the menu.

And there’s a lot of browsing to be done. If it’s early in the day or you’re seeking something light, the blueberry parfait (Greek yogurt layered with blueberry compote and topped with a gluten-free protein-oat crumble) may be the way to go. If you’re looking for something a little more hearty, choices include Asian ginger-scallion chicken meatballs on fresh spinach with saffron rice, salmon teriyaki with brown rice, broccoli and carrots, or keto steak with creamed spinach. There’s even a healthy version of Loco Moco, seasoned ground beef with gluten-free soy gravy and parsley, served with a side of jasmine rice.

The menu includes information on calories and protein, carbohydrate and fat content, and dishes are color-coded to more easily fit your dietary needs.

NOTE -- For other locations, search "Foodie Fit"

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