Sushi Hiroyoshi

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“While ‘superb restaurant in a nondescript strip mall’ is in danger of becoming a Vegas cliche, it’s nonetheless true here,” Neon Feast contributor and Allied Global Marketing senior vice president Arlene Wszalek said of Sushi Hiroshi.

“The owner (and stellar sushi chef) hails from Blue Ribbon at the Cosmo,” she notes, adding “the lunchtime bento boxes are one of the best deals in town.”

Sushi Hiroyoshi distinguishes itself from other Las Vegas sushi restaurants in categorizing its sushi by type – for example, silver-skinned (four varieties including mackerel and jack), whitefish (five varieties including bream and fluke), tuna (three), salmon (ditto), yellowtail (four) and on to shrimp, octopus, eel, crab, clam, roe and egg.

There also are sushi rolls, rice-outside options and Hiro’s Special Maki, which include the Red Bull (tempura crunch, avocado and cucumber topped with tuna and spicy sauce), Flash (salmon, yellowtail and avocado wrapped in soy-bean paper) and the Rainbow, a prosaic California roll glammed up with various varieties of fish.

Know somebody who’s a sushi novice? Consider treating them to Introduction to Sushi, a user-friendly variety with California roll, spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kanpachi and eel.

Japanese Sake Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

Japanese Sake Central LV (Fremont, Arts District, UMC, etc.)

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