CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog (Multiple Locations)

Blue Diamond Location

Branden Powers, the self-styled Wizard of BadAssary (and owner) of the Golden Tiki and Evel Pie, says CrunCheese is the best local iteration of an increasingly popular style of food.

“If you love Korean street food – or want to love Korean street food – this is THE place for the best Korean hot dogs in town,” he said. “My personal favorite is the Squid Ink Hot Dog. Just the right amount of salty, savory yumminess!”

The Squid Ink dog is coated in a characteristically black batter, as well as the signature crunchy bits that adorn most of the dogs, including the original, the premium-beef dog, mozzarella and sausage or cheddar and sausage combinations and mozzarella or cheddar only, separately or together. Or you can get your dog – or melty mozzarella – further crusted in crunchy bits of potato.

CrunCheese also offers options to add squid-ink batter, potatoes or sweet potatoes to any dog or cheese log, so you can create your own FrankenDog.

NOTE: For additional locations, search “Cruncheese.”

Hot Dogs Korean Southwest Valley Inexpensive Eats

Hot Dogs Korean Southwest Valley Inexpensive Eats

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