Osaka Japanese Bistro

West Side Location

Osaka Japanese Bistro became the first Japanese restaurant to open in Las Vegas in 1967. Now operated by the second generation of the Nakanishi family, the cuisine at its sushi bar, teppan grill, traditional tatami room, and main dining room still resonates with locals.

The sushi chefs offer a variety of rolls that make use of both adventurous ingredients such as sea urchin, freshwater eel and flying fish eggs, and the more mainstream tastes of tuna, shrimp and yellowtail. And those out late can take advantage of “after-hours” pricing on sushi rolls and snacks like spring rolls, tofu, seafood, chicken wings and tempura. But our experts tend to come here for the teppanyaki.

The restaurant’s teppan chefs demonstrate their culinary and artistic skills at the grill by creating an all-encompassing dining delight. They chop, toss, flame and cook their way to a perfectly grilled, and extremely entertaining, meal.

Still located in its original location in a strip mall, the restaurant honors the history of Las Vegas with photos and mementos. And since it’s just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, tourists can enjoy this complete dining experience alongside in-the-know locals.

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Late Night

Japanese West of Strip and Vicinity Late Night

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