The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill (Multiple Locations)

St. Rose Parkway Location

Though they’re scattered across the country (especially in the West), The Great Greek has the feel of a mom-and-pop spot. That's due in no small part to their neighborhood locations, which are dotted all over Southern Nevada from Henderson to northwest Las Vegas and even the Arts District.

The menu has some creative little touches, like the whole garbanzo beans incorporated into the hummus, and the bowl trend has made it here in The Great Greek Rice Bowl, which is sort of a Greek salad on rice.

The Great Greek also offers stellar versions of Greek classics such as souvlaki (steak, chicken, lamb or shrimp), falafel and gyros. Can’t decide? Go with a Mezze Plate of dolmades, falafel, spanakopita and hummus, or the four-dip combo of tzatziki, hummus, tirokafteri and melitzanosalata with pita bread.

If you’re looking to indulge you can try the feta fries, or maybe a dessert sampler of baklava, rice pudding and baklava ice cream.

NOTE: For more locations, search "Great Greek."

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