Bodega Bagel


Las Vegas has been waiting for this place. In our first survey, ten F&B pros named one of Chef Sonia El-Nawal’s previous outposts (Rooster Boy Café, and a Vegas Test Kitchen pop-up) as their top pick for bagels, despite the fact they were no longer in operation. They knew Bodega Bagel was coming -- even if they weren’t certain when, or where.

Born in Libya, El-Nawal is a fine-dining veteran who fell in love with bagels while living on New York City’s Lower East Side. Her Henderson shop pays tribute to that era of her life. Food blogger LeAnne Notabartolo is particularly fond of the salt bagels, noting “Sonia salts BOTH sides of the bagel.” (Going heavy on the seasoning is a trait that carries over to other styles.) Other fans include chefs James Trees, Crsytina Ngyuen restaurateurs Nina Manchev and Elizabeth Blau, and journalists Rob Kachelriess, Al Mancini, Emmy Kasten and Mike Davis.

Top your favorite bagel style with a variety of schmears (scallion, horseradish, tofu, etc,), assorted smoked fish and even wasabi-infused tobiko. If you’re looking for more, try the eggs + caviar, challah French toast or a bagel sandwich.

American Bagels Baked Goods Breakfast Mediterranean Henderson

American Bagels Baked Goods Breakfast Mediterranean Henderson

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