One Bite Sandwiches


Henderson residents no longer have to make the trek to Las Vegas’ Chinatown to find a Vietnamese restaurant, since One Bite opened on Horizon Ridge Parkway, right in the middle of the pandemic.

With “sandwiches” in the name, you probably expect some banh mi-style offerings. And you won’t be disappointed. The house sandwich is available in three varieties: barbecued pork, barbecued chicken and barbecued beef short ribs. But there are numerous alternatives, such as yellow curry lemongrass chicken, butter garlic shrimp mushroom, orange chicken, fried fish fillet and shrimp with sweet and sour sauce, fried tofu mushroom lemongrass and tomato sardine.

But One Bite also serves pho, in six variations (including a vegetarian options). Starters include shrimp spring rolls, fried egg rolls, grilled pork or chicken spring rolls and crab Rangoon. For bowls and grilled dishes, options include house-grilled barbecued pork or shrimp fried rice, fried tilapia and lotus root shrimp salad.

One Bite’s fans include Mercy Baron, a professional food judge and the administrator of the Las Vegas Food Fanatics Facebook group.

Sandwiches Vietnamese Henderson

Sandwiches Vietnamese Henderson

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