L2 Texas BBQ


As a certified master barbecue judge, Neon Feast contributor and food blogger Mercy Baron notes she is “obviously pickier than most” and “more critical than most,” when it comes to barbecue. And she is excited to share then news that the two Larrys who own and operate L2 “just nail things.”

In particular, Baron lauds the brisket “with a nice fat cap,” barbecued ribs and chicken and house-made chicharrones in various flavors. Other choices include pulled pork, hot links, smoked sausage, cheddar-jalapeno smoked sausage, smoked ham, fried catfish nuggets or fillets, fried ribs and rib tips.

The one-hour all-you-can-eat option involves 12 meats and seafoods, 14 sides, two bread choices and six desserts. They also offer combo platters, family dinner and a la carte meats with “appetizer and extras” such as Buffalo chicken lollipops, fried pickle chips, chili, chili mac and cheese, chili-cheese fries and Frito pies. And L2 serves Texas Meltz grilled sandwiches like The Dallas (brisket, barbecue sauce and grilled onions), The Wichita Falls (roast pork, ham, pineapple, teriyaki sauce and grilled onions) and The El Paso, a BLT with grilled onions.

American BBQ Sandwiches East of Strip & Paradise

American BBQ Sandwiches East of Strip & Paradise

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