Side Betty Grill

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In preparation for March Madness 2022, we asked sports handicapper and sports gambling author Nolan Dalla to curate a list of his favorite places to eat when he has action on a game (or multiple games) and doesn’t want to stray too far from the betting window. Being a creative guy, Nolan turned that into an article on the “best,” the “mixed” and the “worst” dining options available in or adjacent to a Las Vegas sports book (which you can read at and gave us permission to excerpt his picks for best. Side Betty Grill was among his picks (although, to be fair, he just referred to it as the “Bet MGM Sports Book and Bar”

Nolan calls the adjoining book and restaurant “well run and managed,” noting that “advance bookings are available online (which is very rare for a sportsbook).”

“Mostly bar food menu, with no frills,” Dalla continues. “But surprisingly affordable prices for a Strip location. Also offers ‘game day packages.’ Prime location, fun atmosphere, convenient to the sports arena on game night. Good sports bar.”

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