Honey Pig (Multiple Locations)

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Eastern Ave. Location

"Honey Pig isn't just delicious. It's fun," says Thrillist writer and Neon Feast contributor Rob Kachelriess. "There's an interactive element to the experience with beef, pork and other meats grilled tableside. The shape of the grill (similar to an upside-down wok) allows excess oils to drip away for a cleaner bite."

At Honey Pig – which has a flagship in Chinatown and a newer spot near Henderson – the meats come in great variety. This is an all-you-can-eat proposition at both lunch and dinner and includes beef ribeye, marinated roast, brisket, short rib, sirloin, small or large intestine and entrails; pork belly (regular or spicy), neck or shoulder; spicy squid; shrimp; baby octopus; teriyaki chicken; and spicy boneless chicken, plus dumplings and egg rolls.

And you can add kimchi, chicken soup with ginseng, bibimbap, bean paste soup, chilled noodles, cheese dip, a sweet and sour radish wrap, steamed or fried rice and more.

NOTE – For additional locations, search “Honey Pig”

Korean East of Strip & Paradise

Korean East of Strip & Paradise

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