Hedary’s Mediterranean Restaurant


A new owner has taken over from founder Frank Hedary, but they’re dedicated to the same standard of excellence he established more than a decade ago during an explosion of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurants in Las Vegas .

That would include fine details like a float of fruity extra-virgin olive oil on the hummus, plus less-familiar dishes such as Hummus Ma-Lahm, which is a pile of the silken garbanzo-bean puree topped with either lamb, beef, chicken, gyro meat or ground sirloin with onions. Lebanese sausages are represented by mqaniq, which is made with pork, or the spicy beef sujuk.

Plenty of familiar Middle Eastern dishes are on this menu as well, such as shawarma, labne, falafel, kibbe, dolmas in vegetarian or beef versions, tabbouleh and shish kabob. Lamb is available as chops or roasted leg, with combination plates of various meats also offered. And good news for the faint of heart: the most popular dish is a half-chicken roasted with potatoes and tomatoes, based with garlic oil, garlic and lemon juice.

Mediterranean Middle Eastern West of Strip and Vicinity

Mediterranean Middle Eastern West of Strip and Vicinity

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