Artisanal Foods


This local gourmet shop, which has been supplying truffles, Iberico ham and other coveted ingredients to Las Vegas’ top restaurants for nearly a quarter century, changed owners and locations in the midst of the pandemic. It’s now run by local chef and food truck operator Jonathan Batista, his wife Jinelle and chef Jonathan Dunewood, in a massive space on Eastern Avenue.

Artisanal is still the place to go for Japanese A5 wagyu, foie gras, caviar and other luxury items. But more space allows for a larger inventory, and lesser-known delicacies. (It’s one of the only places we know of to find Dominican salami.) There’s also room for grab-and-go items, product demos, cooking classes and some intriguing interactive attractions.

Speaking on the Food and Loathing podcast, Batista described the business as “a cross between an international market and Area 15.” And while he may have been exaggerating a bit, you have to love watching the kids play in a bawl crawl shaped like a giant tin of caviar while mom and dad shoot some billiards and random shoppers peruse gourmet cheeses. Extra credit to the team for decorating with food-focused murals by local artists.

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