Marrakech Mediterranean Restaurant

$ $

Conventioneers and conference attendees have been flocking to this place since 1979 -- an eternity in Las Vegas. Along the way, locals have gotten in on the fun.

Marrakech offers only one menu, which is prix fixe. But it has six courses, for plenty of variety. The meal starts with Mediterranean shrimp scampi, before moving on to harira lentil-rice soup; a mezze sampler of hummus, baba ghannouj, olives and more; a grilled beef kabob; chicken and couscous platter with vegetables; and a dessert of b’stilla (a classic Moroccan pastry, served with mint tea). The real draw here, however, is the belly dancing -- which, surprisingly enough, isn’t easy to find in Las Vegas.

It’s all presented in a room draped with luxurious fabrics that feels very much like a massive tent. It’s easy to imagine it’s midnight at the oasis, and you’re the sultan or sultana who's sent your camel to bed.

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