The Goodwich


When The Goodwich premiered, it was just a tiny shack in front of the Las Vegas Boulevard dive bar Dino's -- less than a mile south of where it now resides. Many years later, while no longer a late-night stop (the schedule is 9-5 these days), they've grown into a Downtown staple and darling of all Vegas gourmands. Goodwich now sports a couple dozen sandwiches, soups, salads and even a breakfast menu. And when asked to recommend a good sandwich shop, this was the hands-down favorite among the foodies we surveyed.

The menu rotates with the seasons, but a couple of fan favorites that started back in the Dino's days are still on the menu. The Ham& is some of the best ham around, cheddar, greens, and mostarda (an Italian condiment of dried fruits rehydrated with vinegar). The patty melt is likely to be the best you've ever had, with the ground beef held together by smoked cream cheese with onion and pepper jack, on marbled rye bread. Even the egg salad is amazing; the mixture is flavored with yellow curry, pickled onion and crispy bacon bits. (If you know someone who dislikes egg salad, this may be the one to turn them.)

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