Chikyū Vegan Sushi & Izakaya

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This is one of the nine 100% plant-based Las Vegas restaurants recommended by founder Diana Edelman, who says:

"There are a handful vegan restaurants in Las Vegas offering sushi. But none execute quite like Chikyū. Created by the team behind the wildly popular Shizen in San Francisco, the restaurant’s menu is vegetable- and fruit-forward. Think marinated mango nigiri, a smoked beet salad, and thinly sliced bean curd robata that melts in your mouth. Then, there are the more intricate specialty rolls such as the popular Desert Gold (a tempura-fried tofu and tapioca roll topped with spicy tofu, negi, ito togarashi, sesame, microgreens and a “secret” sauce that provides an extra kick to your taste buds).

Chef John Le, who was a traditional sushi chef before jumping into the plant-based realm, has created a masterpiece of a menu in the city’s only upscale plant-based venue. Offerings run the gamut from robata to nigiri to ramen and classic rolls are equally as impressive as the house specialty dishes. They’ve also got a lineup of drinks that includes euphorics, beer, wine, sake and specialty cocktails in both alcohol and alcohol-free varieties."

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