Gemma Gemma's Square Pies


Gemma Gemma's Square Pies is a business that answers an unexpected question -- can you find great pizza in a place known for Asian street food? The concept operates as a ghost kitchen inside Graffiti Bao and the mix of "conflicting" aromas is by design. The idea was hatched by chef and owner Marc Marrone -- one of the best in Vegas and a guy who can't sit still with just one type of cuisine -- and named after his grandmother.

Guests have a choice of small (6-by-6 inch) square pizzas that can be mixed and matched to form one large (12-by-12 inch) pizza. "Gemma Gemma's makes one of the very few thick pies I like," says food blogger Mercy Baron, who singled out the Bianco (white sauce, pistachio and honey) as a favorite. "The crust is so light, sweet and airy." The menu also includes chicken wings and Italian "torpedo" sandwiches for a simple, but skillfully crafted lineup of grab-and-go comfort food.

Pizza Sandwiches Southwest Valley Inexpensive Eats

Pizza Sandwiches Southwest Valley Inexpensive Eats

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